Norman Preston ran an automobile salvage yard in Geelong in Australia buying and selling cars such as De-Dions, Studbakers and one of the original steam locomobiles. This automotive DNA influenced Mark Preston to begin his career in automotive and motorspnormanprestonanddog226x170orts design.

This experience comes developed over the next 20 years in the automotive, engineering and motorsports business.  In particular, a wealth of experience has come from working for such companies as GM, McLaren Racing (F1) and Super Aguri Honda F1 Teams.

Applying the lessons learned from the fast-paced prototyping competition that is Formula One is how we can add value to your business.  Motorsports is about winning, which comes from the differentiation of a design from others to do things better and faster in all areas: the relentless pursuit of performance.

Preston Racing Formula E Concept 2012 FIA