MobOx Living Laboratory

Oxford City is facing the significant transport challenge of improving mobility to increase economic activity by making jobs and services more accessible, despite worsening congestion in and around a historic city with little room and capacity for ‘building ourselves out of the problem’. Up to 2020, there is at least £20 billion committed to major transport scheme investment in both … More MobOx Living Laboratory


We’re helping to accelerate and democratise the development of self-driving, electric vehicles. StreetDrone ONE is aiming to be the world’s first truly accessible, autonomous ready vehicle, coded by you. Designed as a shared, open R&D platform, StreetDrone will provide the hardware and software to bring autonomous development to the masses. Find out more here:

Formula E Performance

Team Aguri is a Formula E team with Japanese heritage, entering into the second season of the Formula E championship after a successful first year including an inaugural win in Buenos Aires. Team Aguri believes expertise and knowledge gained from Formula E can be applied to the creating of eco-conscious technological solutions for the future transport … More Formula E Performance

Real World Applications

Kondanani Zambia Kondanani Zambia Inc. is a registered charity in Australia that focuses on supporting Children who are Disabled, Orphan and Vulnerable  in Zambia. Its founders,  Jenny and John Preston, have been involved in Zambia since 1992. Their Mission is  To ensure that every child, especially those disadvantaged in any way, can actualize their full human potential, realise their … More Real World Applications


Autonomous technology has the power to redefine driving, both on the race track and in our daily lives, states Mark Preston, Team Principal of the Team Aguri Formula E squad Autonomous vehicles have been a regular feature in the headlines over the past year as the technology has been refined and global brands such as … More AUTONOMY: THE FUTURE OF MOTORSPORT AND PERSONAL TRAVEL

Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Action – Fifty Goats

Have you ever seen true sustainable social entrepreneurship in action? I mean uncontrolled growth in the most difficult environment with the most minimal resources imaginable? I have, and I have called it fifty goats. Why fifty goats? Eight years ago, I joined a phone call with my parents and the executive director of ZOCs in … More Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Action – Fifty Goats


Augmented reality has the potential to revolutionise sport, sustainability and transport in megacities. Formula racing is a vibrant, colourful, fast paced sport. Now, something new is set to offer its innovative, immersive motoring experiences to viewers beyond the trackside. The Oculus Rift is a new virtual reality headset that allows players to step into a … More WHEN RACING AND VIRTUAL REALITY COLLIDE