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Preston is in the cutting edge of performance mobility. We believe that each solution should be smart: integrated within the environment in which it operates.  Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric vehicles are the current direction of the automotive business.  We have added the concept of Clean driven by the COVID pandemic which has highlighted how clean air is very visible as driving reduced.

We specialise on niche solution development, created taking into account all aspects of the problem to provide adaptable and scalable options.

Preston Motorsports is unique in bringing together expertise from Formula 1 and Formula E cutting edge technology prototypes, into real-world environments from rural Zambia to Oxford city centre.

The world changing rapidly. Transit is headed towards a connected future where the technologies are part of everyone's journeys. We have a vision of transit that is a seamless part of everyday life, with bespoke solutions to each problems.

Through breakthrough innovation and new business models we aim to make sustainable mobility a reality for all.