MobOx Living Laboratory

Oxford City is facing the significant transport challenge of improving mobility to increase economic activity by making jobs and services more accessible, despite worsening congestion in and around a historic city with little room and capacity for ‘building ourselves out of the problem’.

Up to 2020, there is at least £20 billion committed to major transport scheme investment in both the strategic and local transport network. A large proportion of this funding is still subject to business case process and approval. There is an increased appetite for innovation to be integrated into project development and application, and the MobOx system and services will provide a perfect innovation management service as well as holistic business case development tool.

MobOx has the full support of the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership and other key stakeholders. In the longer term, it is envisaged that Oxford will become a centre of excellence and that the MobOx CIC will become a world-class leader in the development of integrated transport solutions. MobOx will then offer its services globally.

Preston Motorsport is a key partner in MobOx and the lead partner in many projects, currently leading innovation in the connected infrastructure and mobility planning space via the use of DRT and big data technologies.

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